We offer our clients comprehensive and high quality radiation protection services that are tailored to their individual needs.

Radiation Safety Consultancy and Assurance

UK law require employers who undertake work with radioactive substances and generators emitting x-rays to consult with a suitable radiation protection adviser (RPA). Consultation may also be required for

certain activities with material containing naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) as encountered in the oil and gas industry. Our certified RPA are here to help you protect workers and the public, whilst remaining compliant with the UK law.


We als deliver corporate assurance to our clients through auditing and reporting of their arrangements. Our service is both proactive and responsive but proportionate and relevant to their service requirements.


We provide services to most sectors, in particular nuclear, inductry and security. We have significant experience in high hazard and highly regulated environments. Whether you are looking for advice on safe operation of x-ray equipment or management of radioactive substances, or you require radiation protection assessment and support to an existing or new facility, we are here to help.


We have experience in delivering specialist radiation protection training tailored to suit your needs and can be aimed at workers, supervisors, managers or even emergency responders.

Provision of Health Physics Personnel

Do you require health physics monitoring support? Call us today.

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